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Central ordering

Ordering procedure

The data required for central ordering are as follows:

  • Type of order (hospital treatment, specialist examination, EMNG)
  • Name and surname
  • Registration number of the insured (data from the health booklet, if the identification number does not exist then state the number of the insured person)
  • Contact address of the patient and telephone / mobile phone number of the patient


Central ordering can be done in the following ways:

  • personally: in the admission office at the Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation "Martin Horvat" Rovinj - Rovigno on weekdays from 9:00 - 14:00
  • by phone: +385 (0) 95 6333 229 or +385 (0) 52 537 124
  • by fax: to the number +385 (0) 52 811 301 by sending a copy of the referral or a copy of the findings of the specialist doctor with the indicated health service
  • by e-mail: to the address with mandatory completion of the required information. (Attached may be a scanned referral from a primary health care doctor, or a scanned finding of a specialist doctor with an indicated health care service).
  • online form (below these instructions)

Questions and answers

Necessary documentation upon arrival at the inpatient rehabilitation through the HZZO
  • referral
  • total medical documentation submitted to the medical commission and approval by the HZZO medical commission for hospital (inpatient) treatment.
  • patient phone number

* When arriving for inpatient rehabilitation, patients are obliged to bring with them medications for chronic diseases during inpatient rehabilitation and personal hygiene items.

Required documentation for patients who pay independently
  • total medical documentation
  • patient phone number
Required documentation for physical therapy
  • internal D1 referral
  • finding
  • card with bar code

Central order form

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