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About the hospital

Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation "Martin Horvat" Rovinj - Rovigno is a modern health center for rehabilitation and treatment of diseases of the locomotor system with physical medicine. 

Regardless of the degree of disability and age, and whether your problems are the result of an injury or illness, our professional team will help you make the most of your stay in our institution to improve your health. We offer diagnostics and pre- and post-operative rehabilitation programs, therapies for acute and chronic pain conditions and rehabilitation and prevention programs for groups, athletes and recreationists, as well as all other citizens who have any problems with the musculoskeletal system or just want the recommended therapy to improve your health.

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Hospital beach

Within the hospital complex there is a unique one medical-therapeutic beach which allows people with disabilities to enter and exit the sea. During the summer months, it is a favorite gathering place for hospital patients, but also for citizens and visitors to the city of Rovinj who need a customized and / or assisted entry into the sea.

The beach has three ramps, depending on the level of independence of the patient: Descent A and B are exclusively for people staying in the hospital and have a doctor's examination and a card. Descent A is intended for people who are transferring with the help of a physiotherapist and have been examined by a doctor and have a card indicating the use of the sea. Descent B is used by people who can make their own transfer to the trolley for descent into the sea with the help of a trapeze or the assistance of their own escort. Descent C is intended for users who can enter the sea on their own (without the assistance of a physiotherapist) using a ramp and their own wheelchair.

In addition to swimming, enjoy soaking up the sun on deckchairs designed to be accessible to people with disabilities - stable solid wood deckchairs are suitable for people with disabilities in height, making transfer easier. 

On our hospital beach you can completely relax and enjoy the joys of summer, while feeling safe with our occupational therapists who are always at your service. 

See more photos of the hospital beach in the gallery below.

Hospital environment

Rovinj Hospital is located on the peninsula of St. Pelagius north of the city of Rovinj. The hospital is surrounded Mediterranean pine forest and Mediterranean plants, and are found along the entire peninsula paths and promenades with a view of the city of Rovinj. The environment of the hospital is an ideal place for active leisure in nature, breathing fresh air, enjoying the rays of the sun and the beneficial Mediterranean climate.

Within the hospital there is also therapeutic park - outdoor training ground, where you can work on your own mobility and strength in your free time.

To relax, join the group breathing exercises outdoors or just have a coffee overlooking the sea and enjoy the beautiful Rovinj sunset.

See more photos of the environment below.

New pool complex

In March 2023, a new swimming pool complex on three floors with an area of 3,637 square meters was opened, and it is intended for patients of the orthopedic hospital, as well as for athletes and recreationists.

Most of the ground floor is occupied by the city or large swimming pool measuring 33.33 x 25.0 m. The city swimming pool is located in the north-western part of the building, and next to it there are changing rooms with showers and sanitary facilities. In addition to the areas for pool users, there are also areas for staff, prop storage and club rooms. The pool is made of stainless steel or stainless steel. The use of stainless steel in the design and construction of swimming pools has many advantages over other materials that are traditionally used. Its use requires much less chemicals to maintain the sanitary correctness of the pool water, and it has a long service life.
The pool has a movable bottom with a width of 3 lanes and a length of 25.0 m, which descends from the maximum depth of the pool, and rises 2.0 m to the zero point. The movable bottom increases the flexibility and functionality of the pool for various purposes, as it allows one pool tank to accept several activities at the same time or at different depths.
In addition, the pool is equipped with a leading safety system for detection and protection of pool users against drowning, AngelEye View. It is an innovative software technology where patented underwater cameras detect all movements of pool users and send notifications to security personnel in the event of an accident.
The second part of the pool complex consists of a 12.60 m x 6 m seawater therapy pool, which, due to its reduced dimensions for better control of physical therapy, is intended exclusively for patients of Rovinj Hospital.
Due to the different composition of the pool water (fresh and sea), it was necessary to build two separate engine rooms. Engine rooms are designed with the most modern approach with special attention to the use of renewable energy sources. Thus, for heating and cooling water and rooms, heat pumps are used along with electricity-natural gas cogeneration, and integration with solar panels for water heating.
The rest of the swimming pool complex consists of a hydrotherapy hall, where there are Hubbard tubs intended for less mobile patients, in which massage and exercises are performed, galvanic baths (current through water used for various diagnoses such as rheumatoid arthritis, and if necessary, they can be two-cell, three-cell and four-cell), and bathtubs for underwater massage; as well as a brand new hall for physical exercises and conducting physical therapy with an area of 180 m2.
See the visuals of the new pool complex below.


Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation "Martin Horvat" Rovinj-Rovigno - Specialist hospital for orthopedics and rehabilitation "Martin Horvat" Rovinj-Rovigno is located on the west coast of Istria, in the town of Rovinj. It is one of the older orthopedic rehabilitation institutions, and it has been built yet 1888. years. It has a specially prepared beach that can be used by all disabled people, regardless of the severity of the disability, several sports fields and an indoor swimming pool with hot sea water, all adapted for disabled people.

Tradition of the Hospital Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat dates back to the Austro-Hungarian period. Due to the favorable Mediterranean climate and position on the peninsula of Sv. Pelagia, since its inception, has been an attractive marine spa for the bone diseases of the then European aristocracy. The first hospital pavilions were ceremoniously opened in the presence of Archduchess Maria Theresa on May 22, 1888. Namely, the hospital complex was built under the auspices of Maria Theresa, and at the instigation of Viennese physicians, especially prof. Luigi Monti who was also the first hospital director.

"Maria Theresia Seehospitz" was originally a marine climatic health resort for children with bone problems coming from all parts of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, but soon other visitors came from Austria, Germany and Russia, and its opening marked the official beginning of development. tourism in Rovinj. At the end of the 19th century, the hospital's activities expanded to orthopedics, and the first orthopedic operations were already being performed. The pavilion-type hospital complex was significantly enlarged in 1909, and two years later, it recorded more than 500 patients. At that time, Enoch Zadro (1909 to 1947) became the director. After the First World War, orthopedics became a key activity of the hospital. One of the prominent people who have left an indelible mark in the long history of the hospital is Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat, who was the director from 1949 to 1972, and whose name this orthopedic institution still bears today.

Centuries-old reputation as a health resort and an ideal place for rest and orthopedic rehabilitation, have ensured the loyalty of Austrian patients who are happy to use hospital services even in the most difficult times, primarily under a long-term contract with Austrian insurer AUVA. Namely, in the mid-1990s, the activity of surgery was abolished and the staff and accommodation capacities were drastically reduced, which almost brought into question the survival of the institution. It can be said that difficult times have been successfully bridged because Prim Hospital. Today, Dr. Martin Horvat works at full capacity, has a stable positive business and significant development projects.


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