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On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, we proudly present our employee Ivan Stepanov

"My name is Ivan Stepanov. I work as an assistant waiter at the Martin Horvat Special Hospital in Rovinj. My father and mother took me to kindergarten in Pula every day. I went to school for education in Pula, to secondary school for gardeners, 2 days practice and 3 days to school. I drove a van and a car to school [...]

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On the occasion of the international brain week (Brain Awareness Week 2023), our doctors held several lectures

As part of the brain week celebration program at Zvane Črnje Rovinj Secondary School, our neurologist Matija Sošić, Ph.D., Ph.D. held a lecture for high school students on the topic of increasing awareness of the importance of brain function, recognizing reduced brain function in the most common neurological diseases, their prevention, and diagnosis and treatment. On that occasion, the neurological services that our fellow citizens but […]

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Rovinj Hospital in cooperation with Srebrnjak Children's Hospital opens a department for children's rehabilitation

Author of the cover photo: Milivoj Mijošek With the construction of the pool, one job has ended, but a new, even more important one is starting, or rather continuing. Rovinj's special hospital "Dr. Martin Horvat" will form a department for children's rehabilitation where children with certain health risks will be treated and monitored. - When we were developing the hospital's development strategy, we detected that our hospital [...]

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Ceremonial opening of the city and spa pool complex in Rovinj-Rovigno

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the first city and spa pool complex in Rovinj-Rovigno was opened. This is the largest investment in the sports and medical infrastructure, which made it possible to provide Rovinj athletes with adequate space for training swimmers and water polo players, and at the same time to further expand the services of the Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation "Martin Horvat Rovinj-Rovigno", whose […]

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Celebrating the European Speech Therapy Day - March 6

The European Day of Speech Therapy is celebrated every year on March 6. With the aim of raising awareness of the work of speech therapists, a specific area of work of speech therapists is highlighted every year. This year's topic is "The role of speech therapists in intensive care units", and you can hear more about that topic at today's symposium: Join Zoom Meeting. Speech therapy is a science that deals with the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of disorders [...]

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Celebrating the National Day of Educational Rehabilitators - March 1

By the decision of the Croatian Parliament from 2018, March 1 is declared the National Day of Educational Rehabilitators. This Decision emphasizes the importance and role of educational rehabilitators as indispensable experts in the habilitation, upbringing and education of children and young people, as well as professional training and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. With their knowledge and activities, educational rehabilitators, previously known as defectologists, remove […]

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THE OPENING OF THE LONG AWAITED SWIMMING POOL IN JANUARY Director Rade: "We are finally returning to our roots and can keep the status of a hospital forever!" As early as next month, the hospital will open the swimming pool complex that the residents of Rovinj have been waiting for for years. More than HRK 60 million was spent on the construction of two swimming pools, which will be used by hospital patients, recreationists, sports clubs and educational institutions. Full […]

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SURGERY IS RETURNING TO ROVINJ! The renovation of the operating rooms at the Martin Horvat Special Hospital has begun

After numerous great news announced this year from the Martin Horvat Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in Rovinj, today comes another incredible news confirmed by the director of the hospital, Dr. Marinko Rade. "We can finally talk about the most anticipated project in the Rovinj Special Hospital. In short, we finally started the renovations of the operating theaters, which means that [...]

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"Charitable Charm evening" - All donations are intended for the Children's Hospital Ward in Rovinj and the Society for the Disabled Poreč

All donations are intended for the Children's Hospital
department in Rovinj and the Association of Invalids in Poreč

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Competition for awarding scholarships to students IV. and 5th grade of the Pula Medical School for the profession of nurse/technician

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